Results of market entry
SHIPS SUPPORTER is a service where we at Yanmar Engineering acquire and analyze engine operation and maintenance
data for the purpose of preventive maintenance and offer technical support to the client.
Preventive maintenance achieved through support
for proper perception and handling of the situation
It has long been said that the crew members’ technical prowess is in decline. Furthermore,
following the broader trend of the times, tasks handled by the superintendent are increasing in number.
This land-based support service for maintaining your engines in a good condition is designed
with such customers’ situations in mind.
 The approach to preventive maintenance SHIPS SUPPORTER provides
System summary
Monthly analysis report
Preventive maintenance supported by innovative technology
The client receives support from unique, high level technology that quickly recognizes signs of deficiency in engines
and operation as well as assists in identifying the cause and appropriate corrective measures.
Deficiency detection based on accurately calculated range of normal operation according to engine output
Core technologies enabling the concept of preventive maintenance
Strong results speak of reliability
Results of market entry

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Engine Monitoring And Technical Support Group